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Already at an early age I was gripped by a faszination for photography. I bought my first camera with 16, second-hand Canon AE-1. At the age of 18 I started to work in the photo studio and arranged my own small studio incl. a darkroom in my small  1-room apartment in Cologne.  Since that time I focused especially on portrait black & white photography. I did a lot of experiments with double exposures and in the darkroom. From the very beginning, I was interested to explore the different facets of the humans and their interaction with the environment and with subjects.

Despite a different main field of professional activity, I followed by dream and realized a number of exciting photographic projects over the  years.

Each photo is a unique story whereas I want to capture emotions and record memories of the special moments from different perspectives. Life between the cultures is the main inspiration of my photographic projects.

Creative challenges in creating an image, authenticity  of the photo, symbiosis between the human being or a mannequin and its environment, space are  the core of my work.




Participation in numerous exibitions and shows:

08/2004  „Fahrenheit“, Galerie ¼, Cologne

04/2005  „Greetings from Moscow, Dinner Club Cologne

10/2005 „Windows“, Bar Cubismo, Cologne

01/2006 „The face of music“, Music Conservatory, Cologne

09/2007  „Black & White“, Steinbock Wintergarten, Tägerwilen, Switzerland

06/2008 „the Worlds“, Gallery G. Ustinova, Moscow

08/2010  „der Lake“, Gallery Tamara, Moscow

12/2013 Private Art Düsseldorf, collective exibition

09/2014 International Art Fair Rotterdam

10/2014 “the Odyssey”, Jens Lührs Constance